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To click or not to click (that is the question!)

May 14, 2017


Wow, we've been live on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for 3 weeks already!


We're excited about all the positive energy, the shares and the likes but most of all, we're super excited that Let's Talk Xhosa is starting to help users connect with confidence in Xhosa :-)


Interestingly, we've got people talking about clicking much sooner than expected! Quite a few users are surprised that we don't click out Xhosa when we're speaking English, and one or two even think this means we don't know how to...


So let's see if we can put this age-old question to bed zzz...


So here's the deal: when we're speaking English, and we want to refer to  a foreign language, we say German, French, Italian or Spanish. What we never do is say Deutsch, Francais, Italiano or Spagniolo. It would just sound crazy, and perhaps even a little pretentious (Hey, look at me, I can say Deutsch like a deutscher!). In the same way, there's no need  to get our tongues in a twist trying to click our way through Xhosa when we're actually speaking English.


 And yes, it works in reverse too - each language has its own version of the word English - Englisch, Anglais, Inglese, Inglés and isiNgesi.  Look familiar? Probably not, unless you speak one of those languages :-)


Oh, and in case you're wondering, in Let's Talk Xhosa, you'll hear Xhosa pronounced without a click when we're speaking English (in the Tutorial) and with a very clear click when we're speaking Xhosa (everywhere else!)


We hope we've left you with one less of life's big questions to grapple with!


De sibonana,

(Until we meet again)

Andy & Thembi



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