Privacy Policy

  1. Let's Talk Xhosa will take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of its subscribers' information, and use its subscribers' information only for the purpose permitted or required.

  2. Let's Talk Xhosa will gather, store and use personal information you provided to us on the website or application for the following purposes:

    1. to greet you in emails;

    2. to communicate with you and to inform you of promotional offers and updates;

    3. to inform you of any changes to the app, or our terms or the services provided on the website that may affect your account;

    4. to gather or create non­personal statistics about usability of the app;

    5. to verify your identity when you transact through the app.

  3. Let's Talk Xhosa will only release its subscriber's information to a third party under the following circumstances:

    1. when directed by the written instruction of the subscriber or prospective subscriber;

    2. when directed by an order of Court or other competent authority;

    3. where it is necessary to properly deal with and comply with any legislative enactment or regulation in respect of any complaint lodged in terms of Let's Talk Xhosa’s complaints handling procedure;

    4. during the process of debt collection;

    5. to Let's Talk Xhosa’s attorneys in connection with any potential, threatened or actual litigation;

    6. to Let's Talk Xhosa’s auditors for the purpose of auditing their accounts; and

    7. in terms of any applicable law.

  4. Please take note of the following:

    1. While we may track usage trends in the app, the individual user remains anonymous.

    2. We may from time to time disclose aggregate non­personal information to third parties to identify the user population in general terms. Your identity and/or personal information will under no circumstances be disclosed.